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Junior Presentation Day & AGM

Baxter Soccer Club Inc.

Junior Presentation Day & AGM

Saturday October 21st 2017 12PM.

This year Baxter Soccer Club will be holding their Junior Trophy Presentation in the club rooms starting at 12pm sharp. At the conclusion of the presentation there will be a complimentary BBQ for all members. We have streamlined the way we present trophies and the presentation should be over in approx. 1 hour. Any player who is unable to attend the presentation day, your trophy will be retained by the club and available for collection on Registration Day 2018.

Our AGM will be held on the same day in the Club Rooms this year. All welcome.

Want to help with the development of your club? We are looking for new members for our committee. All committee positions will be declared vacant at the AGM, so if you have fresh ideas to help with the development of Baxter Soccer Club, then nominate yourself to help out.

Please note positions for the executive committee (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) must be in writing and posted to PO Box 15 Baxter 3911 or emailed to before October 15th 2017. Nominations for all other positions can put be in writing or in person at the AGM.

All coaching and team managers’ positions will be declared vacant at the AGM. Any person who wishes to coach or team manage next year is asked to forward their nomination in writing to either to PO Box 15 Baxter 3911 or via email to All coaching and team managing staff will be selected by the new committee.


Baxter Soccer Club Position Descriptions

Below you will find a list of each position and a brief description of each. PLEASE read and think about stepping up onto the committee. Get involved with your child’s club….we are all volunteers…and the more people we have to fill the roles…the easier it is and the smoother the club runs. At the end of the letter is a cut off section where you can nominate yourself. Either reply by mail to PO Box 15, Baxter 3911 or send via email to by October 15th 2017.

Position Description Summary


Preside over monthly committee meetings

Generally liaise with Frankston City Council

Liaison officer to FFV and attend official meetings with FFV

Be available to address issues that arise during the season whilst undertaking a leading role in the management of the Club

Vice President

Undertake active role in club decisions

Preside over committee meetings when president is unavailable.

Attend meetings with or in place of the President when required.


Attend monthly committee meetings.

Take minutes at meetings and prepare reports of such meetings.

Collect mail from mail box located at Baxter Post Office.

Report on mail received by club

Respond where applicable to any mail received.

Be available for contact from FFV regarding club issues.

Attend meetings with other groups eg FFV Frankston Council etc.


Prepare and maintain account system for club

Prepare and present current reports at monthly committee meetings.

Attend to correspondence from banking institutions when required.

Be available to issue and sign cheques when required

Maintain a record of all accounts

Organise the payment of accounts when due (eg Telephone, Electricity etc)

Organise Referee payments for home teams when required.

Ensure all players are financial

Registrations Officer

Maintain player database addresses, date of birth, contact details

Ensure all players are in correct age groups

Ensure all players are registered with FFV or Bayside league

Equipment Officer

Issue and maintain log of all equipment issued to teams

Replace any faulty equipment when deemed appropriate

Issue first aid kits

Replace used items from first aid kits

Collect and correlate all returned equipment at season’s end.

Uniform Officer

Order stock as required

Be available on training nights to sell uniform requirements (eg socks, shorts etc)

Keep track of all uniform sold

Receipt and bank all monies taken from sales

Canteen Officer

Order stock as required

Keep track of all stock bought and sold

Be available on training nights to operate the canteen.

Develop roster to ensure that canteen is operational at all required times

Ensure that all paid staff sign on & off so that wage expenses can be tracked

Manage canteen float and bank all monies taken from sales

Fundraising/Events Officer

Head fundraising events such as Trivia Night and raffles with the help and full support from the committee and fundraising assistants. Ideal position for someone who has lots of ideas and loves to socialise.

Fundraising Assistants

Assist fundraising officer with events such as Trivia Night. This is a less demanding role. Ideal for people who want to help but can’t commit lots of time.

Sponsorship Officer

Liaise with local businesses interested in supporting our club. Possibly improve on sponsorship packages already developed. Ideal position for a business professional who can afford a couple of hours a week to make a massive contribution to the financial stability of our club.

Maintenance Representative

Organise cleaning contractors, maintenance issues, maintenance log book (damages & maintenance required are recorded and noted when fixed), skips emptied.

Newsletter Editor

Publish monthly newsletters during the season. Collect, collate and publish relevant information for monthly newsletter. Ideal position for someone with a small amount of time and a computer to express their creative flair.

Website Administrator

Maintain and be accountable for all information relating to our website this includes but is not limited to officials’ listings, match reports, news and ideas etc.

Club Liaison Representatives

Sub Junior

Represent Club at meetings of FFV SSF Southern Hub

Liaise between FFV SSF Southern Hub and the club including fixture arrangements for U7s

Attend committee meetings and report when requested


Represent Club at monthly meeting of Bayside League

Liaise between Bayside League and the club

Attend committee meetings and report when requested

Frankston City Council Liaison Representative

Attend quarterly meetings at Frankston City Council and liaise with Council regarding Club matters.

Coaches Coordinators

Sub Junior (6 – 11)

First port of call to sub junior coaches and available to help run sub junior teams

Report to committee any problems that they may not be aware off.

Liaise with coaches and committee in regards to problems or ideas that would be of benefit to either coaching staff or the club

Junior (12 – 18)

First port of call to junior coaches and available to help run sub junior teams

Report to committee any problems that they may not be aware off.

Liaise with coaches and committee in regards to problems or ideas that would be of benefit to either coaching staff or the club.


Sub Junior

Attend a week end course and obtain a junior licence (if not already done)

Make training both fun and educational

Be available for training at allocated times and for Saturday Games


Attend a week end course and obtain a minimum Junior Coaches licence (if not already done)

Be available on allocated nights for training, and allocated times for Sunday Games.

Team Manager Coordinator

Liaise between team managers and club

Be first point of contact for questions from team managers

Be available to help during initial team set up at beginning of each season

Team Manager Sub Junior

Receive and maintain contact list of team

Make rosters for bbq/washing etc

Organise help with setting up/packing up of pitches when playing home games.

Distribute newsletters and correspondence when issued.

Team Manager Junior

Receive and maintain contact list of team

Make rosters for bbq/washing/linesperson etc

Organise help with setting up/packing up of pitches when playing home games.

Distribute newsletters and correspondence when issued.

Fill out “Team Sheet” correctly prior to all games

Hand “Team Sheet” book and passports to Official Game Referee ½ hour prior to kick off time.

Collect “Team Sheet” book and passports after game.


If you wish to sponsor our club, we have various packages on offer. It is a great way to advertise your business, is 100% tax deductible, and helps your local club grow. Please talk to a committee member today.


Please note all nominations for any position for 2017/18 committee or within Baxter Soccer Club ie. coach, team manger etc must have a “Working with Children” check completed prior to commencement of season 2018.

Forms can be collected at most post offices & are free for volunteers at sporting clubs.

Please ensure that a copy is sent to Baxter Soccer Club, PO Box 15, Baxter 3911.


I _____________________________________________________________, of


would like to nominate myself for the position of


I understand that I am nominating myself for a position on the 2017/2018 committee, and that such nomination will be brought forward at the Annual General Meeting and that I must be elected by the majority of club members, and I acknowledge that if I am duly elected I will fulfil my obligations to the best of my ability.

(Signature) (Date)


I _____________________________________________________________, of


Would like to nominate myself for the position of coach / team manager for the Under ___________ in season 2018.

I understand that by nominating myself for the above position that I agree that prior to being appointed I must either have or obtain a “Working with Children” check, and that the following conditions will apply as set out in the current Baxter Soccer Club Inc handbook

7. Selection of Coaches

7.1 Introduction This policy sets out how the Club Committee currently selects and appoints a coach or coaches who will be invited to form the Team squad or squads in each year. This policy is subject to revision from time to time, and anyone consulting it should contact a member of the Committee to ensure that this is the most up-to-date version. Appointment is made by the Club Committee, if necessary by a motion voted upon at a Committee Meeting. Primary responsibility for the selection of coach/s rests with the Committee.

7.2 Selection process Selection is based upon criteria such as, but not limited to, suitability and availability, as well as the ability to communicate well and harmoniously with players, other coaches in the year group, parents and the Committee. Team coaches will be expected to pass an approved coaching course at the earliest reasonable opportunity during the season in which they are appointed. All coaches at our Club are required to adhere to our policies of sporting behavior. In addition, they will be required to set a good example to all players, parents and coaches within their year group and beyond, and the Club reserves the right to suspend or reverse the appointment of coaches who do not.

Coaches will be asked to indicate their willingness and availability to take a coaching position, and their reply will inform but not bind the Committee. The committee will monitor progress of coaches, and if necessary reserves the right to reverse the appointment.

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