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2018 BFA Charity Day

Below is the schedule for the matches to be played on Charity Day at Baxter SC this Sunday (March 18th). The BFA Committee have decided to reduce the matches to 40 minute halves. With the predicted weather for Sunday being hot for at least part of the day, we will look to have drinks breaks and possibly reduce matches to 35 minute halves if required.

Reminder: the away team listed below needs to consider if they are required to wear a clash strip and/or socks for their match.

Note: If scores are level after normal time in the Women's, Men's and Over 35's charity matches, then a penalty shoot out will decide the winner. There will be no extra time.

PITCH 1 (40 minute halves & penalties. No extra time)

Invitation Match 1 11.30AM 1.00PM TOPSA V Andy Golby Memorial XI

Women's 1.15PM 2.45PM Rosebud V TOPSA

Men's 3.00PM 4.30PM Endeavour Sporting V Dandenong Tigers

PITCH 2 (40 minute halves & penalties. No extra time)

Invitation Match 2 11.30AM 1.00PM Langwarrin V TBC

Over 35s 1.15PM 2.45PM Peninsula Celebs V Seaford Utd

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