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BFA Junior Players Online Registration - 2019

A message from the Bayside Junior League:


I have attached the 2018 document on how parents are to register their children to play in a BFA junior competition for the 2019 season. I am half way through updating this document as the 2018 document is information overload and I would like to simplify it so it is much easier and quicker for parents to follow, but for now use the 2018 document as your guide.

The main points that need to be considered are:

- any player that is changing clubs and has registered with the BFA previously needs to contact me as only the BFA can complete players transferring from one club to another.

- any returning player who has previously registered to play in a BFA competition in any previous season must register as an existing player only. Any player who has registered with the BFA previously that registers as a new player will receive confirmation that their registration is successful, but the actual system will delete all of their registrations once it realises that players registration has been 'duplicated'.

- only new players to the BFA competition should register as a new player and they should only attempt this once.

This document is also on the BFA website ( under the 'More'/'Forms & Publications' tab (it's about the 10th document on the list).


Dave Cindric


Click this link for help with registering your child.

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