George Hughes

To kick off our announcements for 2022, the club is thrilled to announce the re-signing of Senior Coach George Hughes for the 2022 season.

We have loved every minute having a man with as much professionalism, experience and knowledge of our game leading our club and we are excited at the opportunities for the squad having George as the figurehead again next season.

Welcome back George, let’s get to work!

Marty Moore

The club is also excited to announce the re-signing of Senior Women’s Head Coach Marty Moore for the 2022 Season.

Marty and his girls remain undefeated whilst in a Baxter shirt and were rightfully promoted to State League 4 in 2022.

We are so lucky to have Marty leading our Women’s program again in 2022 and are excited at the opportunity of the girls reaching higher heights in 2022 under Marty’s leadership.

Welcome back Marty!

Robbie Mathieson

The club is thrilled to announce the re-signing of Robert Mathieson as the Senior Assistant in 2022.

Robbie will once again be George’s right hand man in the dugout.

We love what Robbie brings to the group and we are excited to see what the squad will achieve in 2022 with George and Robbie at the helm again.

Welcome back Wee Robbie!

Dylan Bookless

The club is also proud to announce the appointment of Dylan Bookless as the Head Coach of our reserves in 2022.

A Baxter boy through and through, Dyl takes the role of Head Coach after serving as the assistant in 2021 and we are excited to see what he can achieve in the role next season.

With a real focus on giving young players a chance at a senior men’s program, Dyl will be an integral part of developing our clubs younger players.

Welcome back Dyl!

Dale Nicholson

The club is also pleased to announce the re-signing of Dale Nicholson to the reserves as an assistant coach.

A life member of the club, Dale sticks with the reserves team he coached in 2021 where he takes a step back and will provide support to Dylan throughout the year in the aim to return to the field.

We are so excited to keep Dale and Dylan as the coaches of our reserves program this year and can’t wait to see what the boys can do with a young group next year.

Welcome back Dale!

David Kuhanez

To round out our coaching appointments for 2022 - the club is super proud to announce that Dave Kuhanez will take charge of our 3rd team for the 8th consecutive season.

After winning the clubs first trophy in a decade in 2019 and an undefeated 2021, we can’t wait to see the Sunday program continue to flourish under Dave’s leadership.

The sole reason our Sunday program is as good as it is, we are so happy that Dave will give his time again and lead the boys next season, hopefully to another championship.

We also want to congratulate Dave on his Life Membership which was awarded at Saturday’s presentation night.

Welcome back Kahoonaz!

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